1. Introduction

Objectives: In this unit you will
  1. Learn about informal and formal assessments
  2. Practice setting long-term and short-term goals
  3. Analyze the components of and practice creating a lesson plan
  4. Design your first meeting with your student
  5. Recognize the importance of record keeping and the role of the organization in your tutoring
Estimated time for completing this section: 3 hours

In the first three units, you examined the characteristics of the adult learner and studied the steps in teaching reading and writing to your adult student. In this session, you will start thinking about getting ready to meet your student. You will also be introduced to the tools you will need to help her reach her literacy goals, measure her progress, and report your tutoring activities to your program coordinator.
Required assignment
Contact your local adult literacy
program coordinator and find out about:
    • Your tutoring responsibilities and tutor job description
    • How soon you can expect to be matched with a student.
    • What kinds of staff support you will receive
    • How you are expected to report on your student's progress
    • The reporting and assessment forms you will be required to use
    • How often you must submit these forms
    Optional: Checklist for progress in this unit.
    Click here to download a PDF checklist that will help you keep track of your progress through this unit. You may save the document in your files. It will not save in this blog.


    Pat said...

    completed 3/26/09

    Gerri said...

    Completed this at my initial meeting with my coordinator. Will find out about specific forms to be filled out next week.

    neg said...

    Ready to delve into this.

    Lynne B said...

    Anxious to begin the process.

    Kenneth Zen Bodhi said...

    Reviewed and ready to go.

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    Anne Leah said...

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    Wallace West said...


    Regina Cook said...

    I had a wonderful lunch meeting with the Executive Director then a lovely introductory meeting with the Program Coordinator subsequently. I'm eager to begin!

    Pamela Lee said...

    Completed at my initial meeting.

    MSTATEN said...

    We've gone over this as a group and will go more in depth soon.

    Maria Olaya said...

    Completed this step